V for Vendetta: A social commentary applicable today.

I watched the movie “V for Vendetta“, (required viewing for anyone who considers themselves an anarchist, even an non-violent one such as myself) and found it to be an excellent social commentary applicable today. If you are unaware of the story, V is is a graphic novel written in the ’80 as a challenge to “Thactherite Facism” in Britian. While the movie condenses the series down, the premise is that the government is essentially taken over by an extremist/fundamentalist/fascist/racist political party (conservatives) put into power by instilling fear in the people and promising peace. They obtain “peace” by crushing “inferior races, religions, homosexuals”, setting up cameras on every street corner “for your protection”, strict curfews…always for ‘the peace’. It also comes with a complicit media.
So while conservative governments are usually accused by the socialist of using fear to imitate and oppress the people, I don’t hear any of the caterwauling when the left does the same thing:

Worst Economy Since Great Depression

The Lie of Global Warming

Media Fear Mongering

Health care Crisis

And the list goes on: Smoking and other safety concerns, salt, ad infinitum.

So where is the outrage? I’ve listened to Obama: The only hope is government. While I am not a Bush Apologist, people exploded when he ran the bank bail out down our throats, so where is the disgust with the near trillion dollar spending bill Obama trying to get passed before anyone has a chance to see what it actual entails?

One of the great quotes from the move was, “People should not fear the Government. The Government should fear the people.” I expect the entity of government to steal from us (tax), oppress us in the name of protecting us, and try to control us in every way. That’s the nature of government. But people need to stop empowering the government to do so, and stop expecting the government to take care of us. With Godly wisdom and a strong community behind you, don’t sell yourselves into the slavery that the State offers.

1 Response to “V for Vendetta: A social commentary applicable today.”

  1. 1 Leopard
    February 6, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    V as a good movie. Though i didn’t like the part where Natalie got her hair shaved off.

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