By ddchris

My Quiet Revolution is a non-violent, individualist anarchist (in the Thoreau tradition) blog.  I once was a staunch Republican, but have recently come to realize that the government is not “by the people, for the people”, but is merely a club that hoards power and wealth for itself and it’s friends.

The way I plan to revolt against the system is to go ‘off-line’ as much as possible:  Growing my own food, paying off all my debt, resisting commercialism, make my own, reuse, home brewing, buying local, trading services, …  This blog will document my efforts and my philosophy.

I don’t endorse violence as a means of bringing down the government, but envision people bonding together with in communities, helping each other through sharing labor, resources, and encouragement.  I see “pockets of resistance” forming in the suburbs, in the cities, and in the country, where people realize that government is not their saviour, and that they can’t do it alone.

1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 dlw
    January 13, 2009 at 9:28 am

    hey, replied to your response made a month ago at JM.

    not sure if we’re just chasing each other’s tails, but thought it was worth a shot.


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