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When bad economics attack!

Well, my wife is out of a job. This is not a good thing. She has been the major bread winner in our home, and unemployment covers only a fraction of her previous income. While we have been diligent about getting out debt and simplifying our lives, this is a hit that we can’t, under our current plan, handle. If Ingrid can’t find work in the next few months, we are seriously looking looking at bankruptcy.

But what is interesting is that we are actually excited about the future. It is a new beginning. Once we learned not to attach our self-worth (which is a lie, by the way) to our bank account and credit score, life has become much easier and the future less fearful. Also, for right or for wrong, we have to remember not to take this personally. There are thousands of other families in the same boat right now, having the same discussions as we have, making the same choices. We will do what we can do: Talk to creditors, pay what we can, all that stuff. But if we have to file for bankruptcy, when it’s all said and done, I won’t lose sleep over it. It looks like the financial freedom we have been striving for may have been just forced upon us.


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