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What the…?

Why the hell are the republicans complaining about Obama expanding government when they currently hold the record for government expansion and spending? Hypocrites.

On another note: If government has the power to take one penny of yours, they have the power to take it all.


What is “Church”?

I think that there are a lot of Christians out there who get baffled by this question. Not just Christians, but people in general. Many would answer something along the lines of, “Big building, stained glass windows, pipe organ”. Others would say something along the lines of, “Where two or more are gathered in His name…”, but that begs the question of if a couple guys are hanging out at and having a spiritual discussion, are they a ‘church’? Then there is the theological answer: “Where the word of God is rightly preached, and the ordinances (sacraments: marriage, baptism, communion…) are rightly practiced”.

I tend to go with the theological answer, but I would use scripture to describe it: They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42).

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching: Word rightly preached.
They devoted themselves to the fellowship: Loving each other.
They devoted themselves to the breaking of bread: Communion (Sacraments).
They devoted themselves to prayer: Lifting each other up and worship.

Church is not defined by a building, but by people. It’s not a Sunday morning event, but a lifestyle. If more ‘churches’ would recognize this, then maybe more non-Christians would be drawn to Christ.


Thank God for I-Pod!

A friend at work gave me an old mp3 player this last week, and it has been a true blessing. Instead of listening to music however, I have been loading up lectures, sermons, bible readings…It’s great! There are tons of college and university lecture series available out there, so everyday is like taking a class or two with out the pressure of homework. Coolness!


Timely Phone calls and Good friends

I have some friends, some folks I wish I could spend more time with but life and distance make it difficult. But I count he and his wife as a good friends non-the-less. At various times over the last few years, they have seemingly called ‘out of the blue’ to check up on my wife and I, and it always seems to happen at key times. When I struggled with depression a few years ago, his wife called, gave me a word of encouragement, and prayed for me. Once when my wife was out of work and and struggling: same thing. When I have struggled with church stuff, he was there, even just to listen to me vent. Kind, compassionate, carrying, always an ear to hear and a word of encouragement.

Tonight I was feeling some stress from the added responsibilities of church leadership, feeling a bit loaded down, when ‘out of the blue’, he called. While the reason he called was innocent enough, the timing was impeccable. With a listening ear and ready encouragement, my spirits where lifted.

Thanks John and Marjorie for being there over the last few years. Your friendship means more than I can express. Or have expressed.


Inauguration Theme Song:

Won’t Get Fooled Again!

One thing to remember: Whenever a politician says, “Sacrifice”, prepare for higher taxes.


The reason for the season

One of the things that effects me the most about the Christmas story is how God chose to announce His arrival to a bunch of humble shepherds. A heavenly host appeared and sang of God’s holiness and glory, and proclaimed God’s goodwill to mankind.

It’s also amazing that the God most high would not only become flesh and walk among us, working and sweating, getting dirt beneath his finger nails, breathing our air…

and to be born in a dirty stable.

But even more amazing is that this God would desire to make his home in our hearts, which are far more filthy than any stable. He wants to take up residence, then goes about cleaning house.


There are times…

…I could be posting my deep thoughts on politics, social justice, intentional community and the like. Or, I could actually be doing something. Recently, I’ve been in the more ‘action’ phase of things: Community dinners, preparing our home to be more functional for hospitality, church government (funny being an anarchist and an elder at my church), preparing sermons, leading and supporting worship, initiating fellowship with in the community, helping out… And then there’s the improv and stand-up comedy stuff that I’m involved with.

I want to do more than postulate: I want to do. So if I’m not posting much, it’s because I’m doing.


Post Election Musings

Glad that’s over with.


So far, so good…

I haven’t voted today, and if this trend keeps up, it is doubtful I will. Interestingly enough, my wife is on her way to the polls. She doesn’t share my new found political freedom, and I don’t feel the need to try and dissuade her. In fact, a lot of my friends voted today, and though many of them think I’ve gone off the deep end, I don’t believe I have to defend myself. Or offend them, for that matter.

I’ll be glad when it’s al said and done so we can move on and TV will be safe again.


Non Voting Quote … err…something…

Most of us have heard the expression that goes something like: If you don’t vote, you have no right to be unhappy with the State, politics, or the political class. The logic is that if you don’t vote, you have already given up your right to complain about the effects.

The interesting point in this is that one, according to this logic, seems to earn a right to complain from the act of voting. Or, in other words, you earn a right to be dissatisfied with the people elected to rule you only if you have taken part in the electing! It is like saying you have to take the consequences of being in a game you never entered, but if you did enter the game, you have a right to complain about how the game is played – even though you knew the rules before entering.

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