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Some thoughts to consider regarding debt…

We, The Wife and I, met with a friend of ours who happens to be a crisis financial counselor. Which is good as we are in what would be considered a financial crisis. Here are a couple things to think about, if your up the creek as we are:

1: $500 to Discover, or buy groceries without putting them on the Credit Card?
2: Car payment or House payment? (Does that car have a shower?)
3: MasterCard charges 30% interest. Is it immoral for you to quit paying that card to feed and house your family?
4: Does your self worth come from your credit rating or from your relationship with God?

What it boils down to is priorities. When the crap hits the fan, remember what the real priorities of life are. My credit rating and card balances aren’t as important as caring for the family.


Just a prediction…

I try not to do the “dooms day” prophet thing, but I think that some tough times are coming.  First off, I believe that the government won’t offer any help that that doesn’t require the People to give up even more of their dwindling supply of freedom.  Following the news lately, I’m greatly concerned by some of the things I’m hearing.  Top world bankers coming together to attempt to stop a global banking meltdown can ultimately mean only one thing:  An international banking system.  I’m not into that “one-world government” conspiracy crap, but I see power being more and more centralized.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who believe in wealth redistribution.  The problem with that is that as long as people are violent capitalists, the system won’t reach it’s full potential.  As long as there the strong prey on the weak, we will have trouble.  You can give a man everything he wants, but he won’t be truly satisfied until he get’s what he really needs.  And that is a radical change of heart from being drawn into a relationship with the Lord.

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