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Planning for next years garden…

I know that October may seem early to start planning for next years garden, but I don’t want to find myself running around frantically come May.  I’m hoping to get a greenhouse put together yet this fall, and by seeds for next years crop while they are on sale.

One thing I’m investigating is hydroponics.  There’s a lot to be said for hydroponics:  No weeding, conserves water, higher yield, compact…  I’ve found a wealth of information on the web, particularly if you want to grow pot in an underground cavern underneath your grandma’s house.

One of the great advantages of hydroponics is vertical farming.  If you have a east or south facing wall and no yard, you can run tubes on top of each other (picture a ladder) and have 6 ‘rows’ on the side of your house growing lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, bok choy… What every you need.  You can even go organic.

I also think that hydroponics can be empowering.  You could give folks a chance to grow some of their own food on small properties, helping them save money and eat healthier.  You could place a hydroponics system on stands so seniors, people in wheel chairs or with other health problems could tend their gardens with out crawling on the ground.   I’m designing a solar powered system that could easily be installed on apartment decks, patios, garages…  I’m pretty excited about it.

For now, I’m building a test model.  I plan to put in one of our eastern windows and had some light to it and grow some herbs this winter.  I’ll get some pictures up soon.

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